Xylesthia pruniramiella

Speckled Xylesthia Moth
Xylesthia pruniramiella

POHL: 30-0223
MONA: 0317

Head: Snow white, hairy (rough scaled), sometimes flopped forward over face. Palpi white, underside speckled with brown, rough scaled.
Antenna: About 2/3 as long as wing length. Base (scape) wide, dark. Segments yellowish-white, thicker on male.
Thorax: Thorax white, mixed with brown. Dark brown on each shoulder.
Wings: Forewings blackish-brown and brown with slightly raised whitish lines and stripes running through wings, both longitudinally and transversely; appears slightly checkered. About 4 sets of tufts (elevated scales) along inner margin (i.e. down middle of moth). Fringe white at anal angle, rest brown. Hindwings and fringe dark brown.
Legs: Brown, segment tips white. Underside of legs white.
Abdomen: Dark brown, ringed with white; paler on underside.

Size: 8 mm long. Wingspan 12 to 18 mm.

Habitat: Fruit farms, deciduous forests.

Food: Leucostoma species cankers (type of fungus) found on fruit trees like plum and on dead Black and Honey Locust trees.

Flight Time: Late June to mid-August. Abundant in July.

Life Cycle: Larvae about 11 mm long over-winter inside cankers. Mature larva 22 mm long, dirty white with brown head and shield, move to surface of canker in late spring to pupate in a silk cocoon mixed with frass.

Comments: Listed for Ontario by Pohl, 2018. Essex County. Common.

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