Walshia miscecolorella

Sweet Clover Root Borer
Walshia miscecolorella

POHL: 42-0321
MONA: 1615

Head: Shiny dark brown to blackish. Nose cone (palpi) curve to top of head; dark brown to light brown, tips light.
Antenna: Dark brown, last ¼ of segments white. Base (scape) long, lighter on underside.
Thorax: Shiny dark brown to blackish. Underside whitish.
Wings: Base 1/3 of wings shiny dark brown to blackish, V-shaped; dark tufts at tip of thorax and across wings before the V-shaped lower margin. Rest of wings striking in contrast; creamy with sections of dark mottling. A series of  3 to 4 creamy tufts below the black base. The last 1/3 of the wings have a black tuft (discal cell area) with dark mottling sometimes extending to outer (costal) side edges. Dark brown mottling at wing tips with a series of small dark tufts along inner margin. Fringe cream and dark, corresponding to wing colours, very long on inner margin. Hindwings and fringe gray, long.
Legs: Dark brown. Feet have white tips on all segments (striped).

Similar Species: Hog Peanut Moth Stilbosis tesquella also has white antenna ends. Body and wings are grayish-golden, not as dark and contrasting like Walshia miscecolorella.

Size:  5 to 7 mm. Wingspan 10 to 15 mm.

Habitat: Meadows and forest edges.

Food: Lupines Lupinus, Milkvetch Astragalus, Peanut Arachis, Sweet Clover Melilotus, Thistle Cirsium vulgare.

Flight Time: Late July to mid-September.

Life Cycle: Larvae are stem-borers. Possibly two generations per year.

Comments: Listed for Ontario (Pohl 2018). Essex County.

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