Tinea apicimaculella

Dark-collared Moth
Tinea apicimaculella

MONA: 0392
POHL: 30-0144

Head: Pale straw yellow, long haired(scaled). Palpi yellowish, brown on underside, scaled.
Antenna: Yellowish, ringed with brown. About 2/3 as along as wing.
Thorax: Dark brown, sides pale straw yellow.
Wings: Straw yellow with a few brown speckles. Center of wing has dark brown streak from base to wing tip; broken at brown discal spot. Spot above streak about mid-wing. Wing tip has series of brown spots on margin. Fringe straw yellow with broken brown line through it.
Legs: All segments brown with white tips, hind leg lighter. Long spurs.

Similar Species: Homostinea curviliniella is similar, but lacks central dark spot and has a speckled wing tip, not a definite row of black dots.

Size: 5 to 6 mm long. Wingspan 11 to 14 mm.

Habitat: Unknown

Food: Debris, fungus, rotted animal and vegetation matter.

Flight Time: July to mid-September.

Life Cycle: Unknown

Comments: Pohl (2018) listed as new for Canada from Lambton County. Essex County – photos from 2011 to 2014.

Synonyms: Chambers 1875

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