Synanthedon proxima

Synonyms: Edwards 1881
Aegeria proxima, Albuna modesta (questionable), Aegeria albicornis (error Beutenmuller 1894), Sesia proxima, Sesia albicornis, Synanthedon modesta, Synanthedon albicornis, Conopia proxima

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Holotype as Aegeria proxima female by H. Edwards, 1881. Type Locality: New Hampshire. In the Michigan State University Museum, F. Tepper Collection. In good condition, left antenna missing. Labeled as a male.
Note: Beutenmuller (1894) states: “Types: Ae. albicornis, two females, (changed to 1 female in 1902) in the Coll. Hy. Edwards, Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., and Coll. F. Tepper, Agricul. College, Michigan.” So, possibly a female type is in the American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York in Hy. Edwards Collection.

Holotype as Albuna modesta female by Kellicott 1892. Type Locality: Columbus, Ohio. Museum unknown. Questionable.
Note: Kellicott left his collection to the Ohio State University, where he taught from 1888 to 1898, although one of his Clear-wing Borer types is in the American Museum of Natural History, New York, N.Y. Kellicott’s description of Albuna modesta does not match all the other descriptions of Synanthedon proxima female. Possibly his Albuna modesta is a valid species. Most records of S. proxima are northern. Kellicott’s A. modesta was from Ohio.

Discrepancies of Kellicott (female) description:

  1. white on palpi
  2. wings black
  3. eyes bordered with yellow
  4. white on antenna ¼ length, not ½
  5. thorax without yellow streaks
  6. yellow on thorax side and underside
  7. gold tint on hyaline part of wing tip
  8. no mention of last foot segment white