Synanthedon acerni

Synonyms: Clemens 1860
Trochilium acerni, Aegeria acerni, Trichilium acericolum, Pyrrhotaenia, Sesia acerni, Sesia tepperi, Conopia acerni, Sylvora acerni buscki.

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Holotype as Trochilium acerni by Clemens, 1860. Type Locality: Unknown – probably Pennsylvania. Listed by Walker 1864, Pt. 31 to 32 in the British Museum of Natural History, London, England. Type reported lost.
Holotype as Trochilium acericolum by Germadius, 1874. Type Locality: Illinois. Type lost.
Holotype as Pyrrhotaenia tepperi female (labeled as a male per Beutenmuller 1896) by Edwards, 1881. Type Locality: Georgia. In the Michigan State University, Tepper Collection. Poor condition. Antenna of a male glued to front of face. Legs missing, wings torn.
Holotype as Sylvora acerni race buscki by Engelhardt, 1946. Type Locality: Florida. In the United States National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. Genitalia drawings.