Scythris limbella

Teardrop Moth
Scythris limbella

POHL: 42-1711
MONA: 1673
GenBank: 347749

Head: Cream with light brown streaks, very hairy. Nose cone (palpi) very short, barely reaching top of head; brown and cream.
Antenna: Brown.
Thorax: Slightly hair, cream with a pair of brown oblong spots at tip of thorax.
Wings: Very long and narrow, tip usually curved upward. Cream with dark marks and streaks. Darker individuals have 3 pairs of large dark, almost squarish marks, one pair at base of wings, one pair at mid-wings and the last pair at base of last 1/3 of wing (discal cell). Wing tips always dark with a whitish patch before the dark. Also dark streak all along outer (costal) edge. Lighter individuals have the dark marks more or less streaked, not solid. Fringe dark, except for a light spot at tip of wings. Hindwing brownish, fringe brown with a thin, white to cream line all along base of fringe at wing border.
Legs: Grayish-brown, streaked with varying amounts of white.
Abdomen: Yellowish-brown, female abdomen thick; male abdomen thinner, with white tuft at tip.

Size: 7 to 10 mm long. Wingspan 15 mm to 20 mm.

Habitat: Meadows, forest edges.

Food: Lambs Quarters Chenopodium and Goosefoot Atriplex.

Flight Time: Late May to early June; again mid-July to August in s. w. Ontario.

Life Cycle: Two generation. Adults are day flyers, but can also be attracted to lights.

Comments: Ontario (Pohl 2018). Essex County. Widespread.

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