Scythris eboracensis

Teardrop Moth
Scythris eboracensis

POHL: 42-1704
MONA: 1655
GenBank: 687488

Head: Shiny black-brown. Nose cone (labial palpi) long, jutting outward before curving up to top of head; brown on inside, yellow-brown to yellowish-white on outside.
Antenna: Dark brown, slightly thicker.
Thorax: Shiny black-brown.
Wings: Dark purple-brown to blackish, slightly bronzed, with a few white, scattered scales. Anal angle has a few more white scales, sometimes. Fringe dark, long and dense.
Hind wings narrow, long pointed, more brownish. Fringe black, shiny with a thin, bright line all along wing edge.
Legs: Legs dark brown, coppery sheen. Hind thigh (femora) with long dark hair.
Abdomen: Dark, with tooth-like tufts of hair along sides. Male has large tuft at tip.

Similar Species: Scythirs fuscicomella (in Quebec) almost identical but tinted somewhat yellowish-bronze on head and thorax. Antenna very thick and scaly on base half.
Twirler Moth Aproaerema palpilineella has longer nose cone (palpi) and some white on fringe.

Size: 5 to 6 mm long. Wingspan 9 to 12 mm.

Habitat: Forest edges and meadows.

Food: Thistle.

Flight Time: Mid-May to end of June.

Life Cycle: Larvae feed in webs in tops of thistle.

Comments: Ontario (Pohl 2018). Essex County.

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