Quick ID Teardrop Moths Scythrididae

Teardrop Moths


Ten in Ontario, composed of Landryia and Scythris.

Quick ID:

Landryia impositella brown with yellow X-shaped stripe to mid-wings and pair of yellow spots on lower wings at anal angle (viewed with wings closed).

Landryia matutella  brown with small yellowish-white spot at mid wing and a larger spot on lower wings at anal angle.

Landry scintillifera brown with yellow fringe at wing tips. (Based on photos, no description available.)


Scythris basilaris brown with bright yellow streak at base of wings and long, bright yellow and sparkling white fringe around wing tip.

Scythris eboracensis entirely black. Similar to Scythris fuscicomella (in Quebec) which has very thick, scaly antenna and bronzy-yellow on head and base of thorax.

Scythris immaculatella entirely gray.

Scythris inspersella black with obvious streaked and flecked shiny white scales, more so on lower half of wings.

Scythris limbella cream with 3 pairs of dark patches along wings, patches may be streaked with white.

Scythris pilosella brown with a slight orangish tint, not shiny. Yellow hairs on base 1/3 of wing.

Scythris sinensis black with large bright yellow to white patches. One very large patch at base of wings, another smaller patch at wing tips. New to Canada and Ontario.