Quick ID Brown Lacewing

Quick ID
Brown Lacewings


Southern Ontario species:

Note: Micromus species have small eyes. The others all have large eyes.
Micromus posticus has wider, shorter wings with a darker zig-zag vein line near wing tip. Small eyes. Legs yellow.
Micromus subanticus has longer, narrower wings. A raised, dark tiny spot midway between eye and mouth. Otherwise, the two are identical. Small eyes. Legs yellow.

The Striped Hemerobius humulinus has a dark stripe extending from back of eye, down side of neck (pronotum) to the thorax. Vague, jagged stripes on wings. Light to white legs.
Hemerobius stigma has darker head (no stripes), one zig-zag line of darker veins on wings. Also has a long reddish-orange stigma on wing edge, and darker legs.

Wesmaelius nervosus (eastern Ont.) Rare. Has a series of dark stripes (3 to 5) along top (posterior) margin projecting inward to centre of wing. Each side of wing tip has black and white checkered appearance. Legs black, white on shins (tibiae).
Wesmaelius subnebulosus (eastern Ont.). Wings pale with no obvious marks, but veins darker mid wing. Yellow stripe from top of head, continuing down thorax; hairy. Legs yellow.

Psectra diptera Rare. Very small, more yellowish (4 to 4.5 mm long). Antenna longer than body. Found in grass.

Sympherobius amiculus Dark head and thorax. First 1/3 of antenna segments dark, rest light. Wings have checkered or at least black smudges along top (posterior) edge. Wings spotted. Legs yellow, tips of each segment slightly darker. Sold commercially for control of scale on trees.
Sympherobius occidentalis Small (6 mm long). Very dark species with yellowish U-shape on thorax. Wings almost black.