Photinus consimilis

Photinus consimilis

Head: Black. Males have larger eyes than females. Mouth area brownish-yellow.
Antenna: Black; tip of each segment has faint white line. 11 segments on both male and female. Segment 2 short.
Thorax (Pronotum): Semi-circular. Hind margin nearly straight. Main ID: Dark rectangle down center of thorax, sides straight, extends but does not widen at hind margin. Rose, reddish-orange to pink stripes each side of black central rectangle are bright and not obscured with any other colour (no bleeding). Outside margins are pale translucent yellow, the yellow widest near hind margin outside corners. Sometimes the very outside edge with have faint, vague brownish lines or smudges, more so around front tip (base).

Firefly Photinus consimilis June 19, 2013. Wheatley, Ontario.
Firefly Photinus consimilis June 19, 2013. Wheatley, Ontario.

Wings (Elytra): Black to dark brown-black; fairly long on both male and female. Golden stripe around wings, wider on outside edge. One raised, slanted ridge on each wing from shoulder to past mid-wing, angles in to inner wing margin (suture). Center of base of wings (scutellum) dark.
Legs: Black. Sometimes with golden pile. Foot pads (underside) yellow.
Abdomen: Top side entirely black, except female tip yellow. Male underside has last 2 segments pale (light organs) before dark tip. Flash pulses are amber.
Female underside has 2nd last segment pale (light organ) in center, sides brown. Sides and lower margin of last two segments have a yellowish line; tip rounded, pale. Double flash amber.

Size: 8 to 13 mm.

Habitat: Wet forests, marshes, streams.

Food: Unknown.

Flight Time: Mid-June to end of July.

Life Cycle: Unknown. Larvae are probably sub-terrain and feed on earthworms and smaller insects.

Comments: Essex County – Point Pelee National Park. Wheatley per photos.

Synonyms: Green 1956

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Holotype as Photinus consimilis male by Green, 1956. Type Locality: Roaring River State Park, In California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco. Type #07677. No photo.
Paratype at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. No photo.