Philonome clemensella

Clothes & Fungus Moth
Philonome clemensella

POHL: 30-0220
MONA: 0462

Head: Face and tiny nose cone (palpi) white. Tuft extending over front of head reddish-brown.
Antenna: Long, reaching past mid-wing. Base (scape) somewhat swollen, hidden under large eye-cap with bristles. Segments pale reddish-brown to whitish.
Thorax: White with reddish-orange to reddish-brown spot on each shoulder and a reddish-brown transverse stripe across lower margin. Stripes usually faded to ground color.
Wings: Reddish-brown. White streak from tip of thorax to mid wing, usually faded at middle. Stripe forms V-shape around dark tuft at mid-wing. Another white line extends from side edge of thorax and meets with tip of V-shape. Costal edge past mid-wing has a white patch, narrowing and extending inward to center of wing. White patch at anal angle. Tip of wing has brown streak and long white and brown fringe. Hindwing and fringe gray.
Legs: Mostly white with brown to orangish streaks.
Abdomen: Yellowish-gray. Male has retractable tufts each side of segment 8.

Size: Wing span about 7 to 8 mm. Length about 4 to 5 mm. long.

Habitat: Deciduous forests.

Food: Deciduous trees – possibly Hickory, Linden, Honey Locust.

Flight Time: July in Ontario.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Comments: Essex County. Considered a ‘rogue taxon’ of Tineia. Listed for Ontario by Pohl 2018.

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