Oenoe hybromella

Clothes Moth
Oenoe hybromella

POHL: 30-0124
MONA: 0283

Head: Yellowish-white, long haired (scaled). Top of head with some brown. Palpi short, folded; brown and silver gray mixed.
Antenna: Grayish-brown, lighter at tips. Reaches past mid-wing.
Thorax: Purplish-brown.
Wings: Base half (or slightly less) of wings purplish-brown. Silvery-white, raised, wavy line divides rest of wing of golden-brown with dark brown flecks; patch of dark brown on outer or costal edge; another oblong dark patch at wing tips. Before the oblong patch, a short transverse raised line of silvery-white. Fringe golden-brown with a dotted row of dark brown through the center.
Legs: Dark brown, striped with white.

Size: 4 to 5 mm long. Wingspan 8 to 9 mm.

Habitat: Unknown.

Food: Debris, rotted animal and vegetation matter. One report of rotting wood on felled elm.

Flight Time: June to August.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Comments: Ontario per Pohl’s 2018 list. Essex County.

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