Niditinea fuscella

Brown-dotted Clothes Moth
Niditinea fuscella

POHL: 30-0164
MONA: 0411.01

Head: Pale brownish-yellow, long haired (scaled); tuft between antenna reddish-brown. Palpi long, folded; yellowish-brown, darker on underside.
Antenna: Dark brown with barely visible yellowish-gray rings. 2/3 as long as wing.
Thorax: Brownish-yellow.
Forewings: Pale brownish-yellow, mottled with darker specks. A heavily mottled brown streak longitudinally from about mid wing to tip with a dark brown spot on each side of streak near center of wing, and another spot between mid-wing and tip. Lighter mottling along costal edge. Lower (inner) margin has a brown spot near base of wing. Fringe blended same color as wing at tip, lower or inner fringe is longer and lighter with brown specks. Hindwings and fringe bluish-gray.
Legs: Brown with white tips on all segments. Underside of legs yellowish-brown.
Abdomen: Brownish-yellow.

Similar Species: Our case bearing clothes moth Tinea pellionella has entirely yellow legs. Niditinea orleansella has creamy to yellowish head (no brown), wing background has fewer brown speckles, thus appearing more white or creamy.

Size: 7 mm long. Wingspan 14 mm.

Habitat: Forests, meadows, farms.

Food: Plant and animal remains.

Flight Time: May to September.

Life Cycle: Unknown

Comments: Ontario per Pohl’s list 2018.

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