Myrmica incompleta

Myrmica Ant
Myrmica incompleta


Myrmica Ants Myrmica incompleta 2queens and a worker. Sept. 18, 2007, Wheatley, Ontario.
Myrmica Ants Myrmica incompleta 2queens and a worker. Sept. 18, 2007, Wheatley, Ontario.

Head: Reddish, top of head dark brown to blackish. Head rough, with many longitudinal lines.
Antenna: Yellowish-brown. Male has short antennal base (scape).
Thorax: Yellowish brown, with many longitudinal lines; hairs light, short. The petiole has two humps, rough and dull. The queen resembles the worker, except top of thorax darker, sometimes with black patches on sides and end.
Male thorax has denser longitudinal lines.

Wings: Queen and male wings have dark brown base, veins and stigma; becoming white, see-through on last half to tips.
Legs: Yellowish-brown, with some short, stiff whitish hair.
Abdomen: Shiny, yellowish-brown, 1st segment dark on top. Scattered short, whitish hairs.
Male is black with yellowish-brown antenna and lower legs.

Size: Queen, male and worker all 5 to 6 mm.

Habitat: Deciduous forests, bogs and wet meadows in open areas.

Food: Honeydew from root-feeding aphids and mealybugs.

Flight Time: August to September

Life Cycle: Nests formed under stones, logs or moss in wet areas. Colonies very large with many queens (polygynous).
Nest Mates: Parasitic Ant Formicoxenus provancheri is very tiny and lives at the edge of Myrmica  nest in smaller tunnels which the Myrmica cannot penetrate. Also host to the Syrphid Fly Microdon albicomatus.

Comments: Essex County per photos. Listed for Ontario, also in Michigan.

Synonyms: Provancher 1881
Myrmica rubra brevinodis, Myrmica whymperi, Myrmica rubra  canadensis, Myrmica rubra brevinodis subalpina, Myrmica brevinodis sulcinodoides, Myrmica rubra brevinodis frigida

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Holotype as Myrmica incompleta worker, queen and male by Provancher, 1881. Type Locality: Quebec. In Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Genoa, Italy (MCSN).