Monopis pavlovski

Pavlovski’s Yellow-headed Monopis
Monopis pavlovski

POHL: 30-0174
MONA: 0418.1

Head: Head white to pale yellow. Palpi long, folded, darker on underside.
Antenna: 1st half dark, rest lighter. Segment 1 yellow.
Thorax: White to pale yellow.
Wings: Dark brown with dashed intermittent white to pale yellow scales and 3 small white spots along wing tip. Wings have 3 to 5 dark tufts along inner border. Large white to pale yellow patch with a diagonal edge extends from mid wing to tip on costal edge.  Main ID: Enclosed within the patch is a small darker area along costal edge. Fringe dark.
Legs: Dark, except hind foot white.

Similar Species: White-headed Monopis monachella large white patch does not have a stained darker patch within. Wings not tufted.

Size: 7 to 10 mm long.

Habitat: Unknown.

Food: Dead vegetable and animal matter.

Flight Time: July & Sept in Ontario.

Comments: Introduced from Russia.

Life Cycle: Unknown

Synonyms: Zagulajev, 1955

References: Zagulajev is from Russia. Journal unknown, but may be Transactions of the Zoological Institute, Academy of Science, USSR.