Micromus subanticus

Brown Lacewing
Micromus subanticus

Head: Face long, reddish-yellow with a dark mark on each side of centre, mid face. Some brownish shading on top of head.
Antenna: Pale yellowish.
Thorax: Neck (prothorax) and thorax brownish-yellow. Older individuals darker, or with brownish spots.
Wings: Very narrow, 4 times as long as wide, tips blunt. A central dark spot about 1/3 from wing base. A series of 4 or 5 faint, darker marks on veins nearer wing tip. No other marks.
Legs: Pale yellowish.
Abdomen: Light brown, covered with brown pile.

Main ID: Long, reddish-yellow face with dark, curved mark between eyes and mouth on each side. Long, narrow wings.

Similar Species: Micromus angulatus and Micromus posticus both have shorter, wider wings and obvious diagonal lines in the wings. Neither have dark marks on the face.

Size: 7 to 9 mm to wing tip.

Habitat: Meadows and grassy areas.

Food: Both adults and larvae are predators of soft-bodied insects, aphids.

Flight Time: June and July.

Life Cycle: Unknown. Usually found in grass clumps where they run rather than fly. Will play dead.
Parasite: Ichneumon Wasp Anacharis species.

Comments: Kent County – Rondeau Provincial Park. Present in Essex County, but not on any list.

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