Epeolus – Quick ID

Quick ID
Southern Ontario Epeolus

Legs mostly dark:
Epeolus bifasciatus – The easiest; only two yellow stripes on abdomen. Thorax segment 2 (scutellum) is bright red.

Legs with ALL thighs (femora) black:
E. autumnalis has the yellow stripe on the collar (prothorax) unbroken.
E. canadensis has the collar is separated or broken at centre.

Mid thorax stripes in E. autumnalis go straight down.
Mid thorax stripes in E. canadensis are joined at mid thorax, forming a V- or U-shape.

E. canadensis flies from late June to early August.
E. autumnalis flies only in September.

Legs all reddish-yellow; only hind thigh (femora) black:
Epeolus lectoides – Comparatively, E. lectoides is the only one with very thin white stripes on the abdomen (although slightly wider at side edges); all stripes are interrupted or broken at centre.

Legs all reddish:
E. scutellaris thorax sides have one curved line of white hair.
E. pusillus thorax sides entirely covered with white hair.

E. scutellaris thorax segment 2 (scutellum) female entirely red.
E. pusillus thorax segment 2 (scutellum) male and female black.

E. scutellaris has the 2 stripes on abdomen segment 1 not joined at side edges of segment.
E. pusillus has the 2 stripes on abdomen segment 1 thickly joined at side edges of segment.

E. scutellaris male has dark streaks on underside of mid and hind legs. Thorax segment 2 (scutellum) is black in male, like E. pusillus. Difficult to separate the males.