Diaperis maculata

Darkling Beetle
Diaperis maculata


Darkling Beetle Diapris maculata showed up at moth light June 28, 2014. Wheatley, Ontario.
Darkling Beetle Diapris maculata showed up at moth light June 28, 2014. Wheatley, Ontario.

Head: Black, sometimes some orange between eyes. Males may have small triangular projections (horns) near antenna bases.
Antenna: Clubbed (pine cone shaped) with 7 segments, tip short rounded.
Thorax (Pronotum): Black, very wide, raised and rounded.
Wings (Elytra): Long oval. Orange-red with a round black spot on each wing near the base; another small mark near side margin. Another large black rounded spot near tips, sometimes joining to form a continuous band. Also black down center (wing suture), widening to tip. Each wing has 8 or 9 rows of very fine punctures.
Legs: Black.
Abdomen: Underside entirely black.

Size: 5 to 7 mm.

Habitat: Deciduous forests.

Food: Bracket or shelf fungus.

Flight Time: May to October

Life Cycle: Females mate and lay eggs in late spring on bracket or shelf fungus Polyporaceae. Larvae feed on fungi. Form pupa inside the shelf fungi in July to August. Hatching in September, they congregate and hibernate during the winter under tree bark, elm reported. Adults sometimes attracted to lights at night.

Comments: Essex County – Point Pelee, Lake Erie Islands, Ojibway. Kent County – Rondeau Provincial Park. Widespread in Ontario.

Synonyms: Olivier 1791
Diaperis hydni, Diaperis hydactina, Diaperis suturalis – All European synonyms.

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Types: Unknown.