Depressaria depressana

Purple Carrot-seed Moth
Depressaria depressana

POHL: 42-0156
MONA: 0924.1
GenBank: 470869

Identification: Introduced from Europe in Ontario per Landry in 2008.
Head: Creamy white, including nose cone (palpi). Palpi curved past top of head. Tips pointed, sometimes brownish on older individuals.
Antenna: Brown.
Thorax: Entirely creamy white, very wide (covering wing base (tegulae)).
Wings: Brown to reddish-brown infused with gray and sometimes a few white scales. Fringe pale brownish. Hindwings pale gray yellowish-brown. Fringe yellowish-gray.
Legs: Brown, covered with cream scales. Thighs (femora) wide. Feet usually striped.
Abdomen: Shiny, pale ash gray.

Similar Species: Depressaria alienella  is similar, but has a small, obvious white dot at mid-wing, and dark streaks. Thorax is narrow. Fringe lighter than wings.

Size: 7 to 9 mm long. Wingspan 14 to 17 mm.

Habitat: Meadows, roadsides and field edges.

Food: Carrot Family Apiaceae. Mainly Queen Anne’s Lace Daucus carota, also coriander, dill, carrot, anise, fennel, caraway, cumin, celery, parsley and parsnip.

Flight Time: July to Oct.

Life Cycle: Adults over-winter. Larva grey, sometimes with whitish spots. Head and shield black. Legs black. Larvae prefer to feed on flowers and unripened seed of host plants.

Comments: Found throughout Ontario.

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