Cicindela punctulata

Sidewalk Tiger Beetle
Cicindela punctulata

Note: Also called Cicindelidia punctulata per Pearson in 2015 – apparently unpublished.


Sidewalk Tiger Beetle Cicindela punctulata in sandy meadow, September 14, 2007. Wheatley, Ontario.
Sidewalk Tiger Beetle Cicindela punctulata in sandy meadow, September 14, 2007. Wheatley, Ontario.

Head: Copper with greenish tints, no hair. Large eyes with bluish line beneath. Mouth area (clypeus or labrum) creamy white. Mandibles long with several teeth, base half creamy white. Whiskers (palpi) variable, usually last joint green.
Antenna: Long, extending past base of wings. Segment 1 coppery, rest brownish with some copper reflections. Segment 2 very short.
Thorax: Copper with greenish tints, squarish. Middle of thorax slightly raised on each side of center indented line, forming a bluish V-shape at base of thorax, and an inverted bluish V-shape on lower margin. Sides slightly rounded, more bluish, with scant whitish hair.
Wings: Dark olive green to brown, dull. A row of bluish-green dots (up to 15) along inside border of each wing (suture). White spots on surface and a white intermittent outline along lower half of outside margin of each wing; all spots and outline can be faint to absent. Long, white hair along outer wing edge from underside, usually not visible.
Legs: Long, spindly, brownish with green metallic sheen; rows of short white hair. Male front feet only slightly wider than female.
Abdomen: Underside dark, with blue-green sheen. Tip bronze and protruding past wings.

Size: 10 to 13 mm.

Habitat: Warm, dry locations like sidewalks, paths and sandy meadows with little vegetation.

Food: Smaller insects.

Flight Time: July to September.

Life Cycle: One generation per year. Mating stated as in July, but possibly to September (per photo). Larvae overwinter, continue feeding in spring and pupate early June. Adults are strong flyers and come to lights.
Larvae: Head and pronotum bronze with purple reflections, 14 to 16 mm. long.

Comments: Essex County – Lake Erie Islands, Ojibway and Point Pelee National Park. Kent County – Rondeau Provincial Park. Widespread in Ontario.

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