Chrysopa chi


Green Lacewing
Chrysopa chi

Green Lacewing Chrysopa chi
Green Lacewing Chrysopa chi from New Brunswick, Jun 12, 2011.

Head: Green with a black X between antenna bases, similar to Greek letter chi. 2 black marks each side of mouth area, and two behind each eye.
Antenna: Base (scape) greenish with some obscure black at tip. Segments yellowish, becoming dusky near tips. No black on 2nd segment.
Thorax: Neck (pronotum) has a series of 4 wide, large black spots down each side. Thorax also has 2 spots at base and 4 more spots across mid thorax.
Wings: Narrow, long, tips rounded. Cross-veins all black. Hind wings green.
Legs: Pale greenish; feet light brownish-yellow.
Abdomen: Greenish, discoloured with brown.

Main ID: Unmistakable with the series of 4 wide, large black marks on each side of the neck (pronotum), and a black “X” between the eyes.

Size: 17 mm to wing tip.

Flight Time: May to August.

Habitat: Prefers conifer forests, but also found in deciduous forests near water, on Birch, Poplar and Willow.

Food: Both adults and larvae prey on soft-bodies insects such as aphids.

Life Cycle: Larva carry bits of leaves and trash on their backs. Eggs are stalked.

Comments: Ontario – Guelph and all of northern Ontario.

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