Cerotainia albipilosa

Robber Fly
Cerotainia albipilosa

GenBank: 468706

Area between eyes (frons) and top of head (vertex) very wide. Upper face and top of head has silvery grayish-white pile. Eyes greenish.
Antenna: Antenna long and dark. First joint 4 times as long as second.
Thorax: Thorax black and shiny with curved (recumbent) silvery-white hair. Sides also with silvery-white hair.
Wings: Wings dark.  Halteres reddish-yellow.
Legs: Upper legs dark with white hair. Lower legs (tibia) and feet yellowish-brown to reddish with silvery-white, curved hairs and very short bristles.
Abdomen: Shiny. Male with rather long thick white pubescence on top and sides of abdomen; underside brownish-red with brown pile. Female abdomen hair is black on top, sides white; underside white hair.

Similar Species: Cerotainia macrocera has obvious brownish-yellow hair on upper face, male has black hair on thorax and abdomen, not white. Both sexes of C. albipilosa have silvery white hair on upper face.
Atomosia puella has much longer legs with longer spines, clear wings, and a very narrow space between the eyes.

Size: 7 to 8 mm.

Habitat: Meadows, prefers grasses and weeds and often perches on tips of leaves and grass blades.

Food: Predators of small, usually flying insects.

Flight Time: Mid-June to mid-September.

Comments: Essex County – Ojibway Prairies species list, 2008. Kent County – Rondeau Provincial Park species list Oct., 2009. Lambton County.

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