Calleida punctata

Ground Beetle
Calleida punctata

Ground Beetle Calleida punctata on Goldenrod. Sept 05, 2009. Wheatley, Ontario.
Ground Beetle Calleida punctata on Goldenrod. Sept 05, 2009. Wheatley, Ontario.

Head: Black, shiny, narrow. Small, flat eyes.
Antenna: Dark brown to black, hairy and long, reaching to almost end of thorax. Segments 1 to 4 more yellowish.
Thorax (Pronotum): Orange-red, shiny, long, but not much wider than head.
Wings (Elytra): Metallic green, sides straight (parallel). Tip of wings squared. Wings do not reach tip of abdomen.
Legs: Long. Thighs (femora) orange-red on base half; last half black. Shins (tibiae) have black at base, rest orange-red. Feet dark. Male has front and middle feet (tarsi) wide with rows of hair on underside.
Abdomen: Underside dark. Tip blunt, squarish, protruding past wings.

Similar Species: False Bombardier Beetle Galerita janus has all reddish-orange legs, no black. Calleida decora is identical except for prominent, bulging eyes, and is located from S. Dakota to Florida, not in Ontario.

Size: about 7 mm

Habitat: Carolinian forests and meadows.

Food: Both adults and larvae feed on smaller insects, especially pest moth larvae like cutworms and tent caterpillars. Often found on Goldenrod, Milkweed and Asters, feeding on pollen.

Flight Time: June to September

Life Cycle: Larvae usually found with adults. Information limited. See Featured Creatures by Univ. of Florida for biology of similar Calleida decora:

Comments: Essex County – Point Pelee National Park and Ojibway Prairies. Widespread in southern Ontario to Ottawa.

Synonyms: LeConte 1846

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Holotype as Calleida punctata by LeConte, 1848. Type Locality: Kansas. In the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Type # 5820. Photos.