Brachynemurus nebulosus

Clouded Antlion
Brachynemurus nebulosus

Note: Both photos of male and female found at Point Pelee National Park, Leamington, Ontario. 

Head: Head dark, small; some yellow around antenna bases.
Antenna: Black, thick; only slightly clubbed.
Thorax: Neck (pronotum) narrow with 3 vague yellowish marks or streaks. Thorax dark with obscure yellowish to white marks.
Wings: Wings dark with small darker random spots (not in rows). Some of the wing veins are white, forming U-shapes, especially near the lower (outer) border of the wings. White stigma or spot nearer to wing tip on outside edge.
Legs: Short, pale yellow, speckled with black. Feet black.
Abdomen: Female abdomen dark, extending to wing tip. Male abdomen is slender, longer than wings, but not twice as long. Both have yellowish interrupted rings on base half, and yellowish dots or dashes on last half.

Similar Species:
The Snap-trap B. abdominalis has white dashes, not U-shaped between black dots on two rows.
B. longicaudus has evenly-sized black spots; male abdomen unmistakable – twice as long as wings.
B. signatus has black-veined, completely unmarked wings.

Size: Female 27, male 40 mm long. Larvae 13 mm.

Flight Time: June and July

Habitat: Sandy areas near ant nests.

Food: Larva feed on ants and other small insects.

Life Cycle: Larva are reddish, lower abdomen white with two black longitudinal stripes. They do not dig pits, but run across the sand and then dig a long channel, or bury themselves just beneath soil surface; usually near or on ant nests. Prey is grabbed by the mandibles and dragged backward until both are completely covered with sand. Pupa is a silken cocoon, covered with grains of dust.

Comments: Essex County – Point Pelee species list. Kent County – Rondeau Prov. Park species list Oct, 2009. Also Bosanquet Township.

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