Apogeshna stenialis

Checkered Apogeshna
Apogeshna stenialis

POHL: 80-1255
MONA: 5177

Head: Bright creamy-white. Black spot on top of head (vertex). Nose cone short, curved upward, black on top side, white on underside. Large eyes.
Antenna: Thin, long, reaching almost to wing tip. Base (scape) bright creamy-white. Segments brown and white striped (annulated).
Thorax: Bright creamy-white, base dark. Dark constricted stripe across center, sometimes appearing as two brown, connected spots. Lower thorax has brown at each side, so that center appears as a creamy white circle.
Wings: Variable. Forewings bright creamy-white, peppered with dark brown (almost black). Two black lines across wings. The 1st line (antemedial) has creamy-white outline above the dark line. The 2nd line (postmedial) extends straight from outer (costa) margin to middle of wing, then curving downward near anal angle, outlined below the line with a thin line of faint to spotted creamy-white. A large creamy-white patch at mid-wing, somewhat triangular, widest at costa (outer) wing edge. Another slightly smaller creamy-white patch above pm line at costal margin, and another small one below the pm line. Fringe variable with wide dark and light sections.
Hind wing base half dark brown with a somewhat rounded patch creamy-white patch. Mid line wide, creamy-white, lower border of line jagged. Another narrow creamy-white line near wing tips. Fringe variable with dark and light sections.
Legs: Front and middle legs have all segment tips dark (striped). Front toes dark. Hind leg mostly white.
Abdomen: Slender, dark brown. All segments with lower border white, the white becoming wider on segments nearer tip. Female tip has white spot. Male tip dark with tuft.

Similar Species: The Yellow-spotted Webworm Anageshna primordialis has no black spot on head; thorax without stripes; front leg has dark ring on shin (tibiae) only.

Size: 9 mm.

Habitat: Unknown

Food: Unknown

Flight Time: June and July

Life Cycle: Unknown

Comments: Listed by Pohl (2018) as uncertain in Quebec only.
Dave Beadle Kent County 2009.
Nolie Schneider Ottawa on BugGuide in 2014.
Wheatley per photos June 23, 2015.

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