Antaeotricha humilis

Dotted Leaf-tier Moth
Antaeotricha humilis

POHL: 42-0232
MONA: 1019
GenBank: 691555

Identification: Very tiny for a Bird-Dropping Moth Stenomatinae.
Head: Brownish-gray to brownish-white. Nose cone (palpi) gray streaked with white, curves up to top of head.
Antenna: Fairly thick, reaching to mid wing; dark brown, sometimes tips lighter. Male antenna minutely feathered.
Thorax: Brownish-gray to brownish-white, no tuft.
Wings: Wings long and usually folded around body; brownish-gray with varying amounts of whitish flecks. Males usually appear lighter. Three evenly spaced, slanted marks along outer (costal) margin; the first streak is broken, with a large spot in the middle of streak; the last streak near wing tip much narrower and joined to a faint sub-terminal line. Dark, thick inverted V or U shape just before mid-wing near inner margin; another thick dark dot below with continued vague, curved shading to inner margin. Wing tip has series of dark dots. Fringe slightly darker than wing color.
Legs: Front leg whitish, streaked and striped with brown. Middle leg with some brown streaks. Hind leg whitish, shin (tibia) thickened.
Abdomen: Yellowish-white.

Similar Species: Superficially similar to the much larger Flat Moth Semioscopis megamicrella and to Twirler Moth Carpatolechia belangerella.

Size: 4 to 5 mm long. Wingspan 12 mm.

Habitat: Deciduous forests

Food: Oaks – prefers White and Northern Red Oak Quercus alba & rubra

Flight Time: May to June; August to September

Life Cycle: Larvae silk leaves together, skeletonizing leaf surface while hidden inside their tent. Larva also pupate inside the tent. Two generations per year.

Comments: Not listed in Pohl 2018. Wheatley, Essex County – Aug 03, 2013.

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