Ant-like Flower Beetles Anthicidae

Ant-like Flower Beetles
(An THISS ih dee)

Most of the Ant-like Flower Beetles are small and obviously ant-like. All have a thin neck between head and thorax (pronotum). The pronotum is also narrowed at the base. Antenna have 10 to 11 segments. Attracted to lights.
Size: 1 to 12 mm long.
Habitat: In debris and leaf litter; on flowers.
Life Cycle: Larvae usually live in soil or decayed vegetation. Adults mostly are scavengers of dead insects, especially blister beetles because they contain cantharidin. Some eat fungi and  some are predators of other insect eggs.

There are 32 species in Ontario:
Acanthinus myrmecops – Essex
Amblyderus granularis
Amblyderus pallens
Anthicus cervinus – Essex & Kent
Anthicus coracinus – Essex
Anthicus ephippium Essex
Anthicus flavicans
Anthicus floralis
Anthicus haldemani
Anthicus lecontei
Anthicus lutulentus
Anthicus melancholicus – Kent
Anthicus scabriceps – Essex
Anthicus virginiae – Essex
Ischyropalpus nitidulus
Ischyropalpus obscurus
Ischyropalpus sturmi
Macratria confuse
Malporus cinctus
Malporus formicarius
Mecynotarsus candidus – Essex
Notoxus anchora – Essex & Kent
Notoxus desertus – Essex & Kent
Notoxus subtilis – Essex
Omonadus floralis
Omonadus formicarius
Sapintus fulvipes
Sapintus lemniscatus
Sapintus pubescens
Sapintus pulsillus – Essex
Stereopalpus mellyi – Essex & Kent
Stereopalpus vestitus – Essex & Kent