Amydria effrentella

Tubeworm Moth
Amydria effrentella

POHL: 30-0046
MONA: 0334
GenBank: 700078

Head: Female yellowish-brown, male somewhat darker, both have entire head covered with flatted hairs, similar to Clothes Moths Tineidae. Small eyes. Nose cone (palpi) projecting; middle segment covered with long hair (bearded), brown on outside, lighter in the middle. Last segment almost bare, yellow, projecting up to top of head.
Antenna: Yellowish-brown, thick, many segments reaching to mid-wing.
Thorax: Dark brown, surrounded with yellowish-brown. No mane or spiked hair like other Tubeworms.
Wings: Long and narrow with rounded tips. Yellowish-brown mottled with dark brown. Inner marginal area more yellowish-brown. Outside (costal) margin dark at base, the rest checkered dark brown and yellowish, becoming progressively smaller around wing tip. Female has more yellowish, especially near wing tips. Fringe yellowish, much longer at anal angle.
Hind wings pale grayish-yellow, including fringe.
Legs: Yellowish-brown, covered with dark brown scales.
Abdomen: Much shorter than wings, smooth; yellowish-gray.

Size: 9 to 12 mm long. Wingspan 15 to 25 mm.

Habitat: Forests.

Food: Dried plant material.

Flight Time: June to July

Life Cycle: Unknown. One report found it to be a common inhabitant of the leafy nests of the mountain beaver. Adults attracted to lights.

Comments: Essex County – photos July 2011 & 2012. Forbes 1923 reported it from Parry Sound, Ontario. BOLD shows Georgian Bay area.

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