Acrolophus texanella

Tubeworm Moth
Acrolophus texanella

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POHL: 30-0052 – 2 Pt. Pelee & Norfolk
GenBank: 1473600

Dark brown-black, eyes large, hairy. Nose cone (palpi) curved, long, reaching to end of thorax; dark brown-black, more brownish-yellow on inner sides; hair is longer and darker at tips. Female head usually lighter coloured with nose cone very short, hairy.
Antenna: Brownish-yellow. Main ID: Male antenna reaching to mid-wing; scales are wrapped entirely around each segment (unipectinate).
Thorax: Dark brown-black; hair almost erect from top of eye through to end of mane. Mane short.
Wings: Forewing brown mixed with grayish-yellow. No discal spot. Dark squarish patch at mid-wing, close to inner margin. Last 1/3 of wings darker, angled wider on outer (costal) edge. Sometimes with a white line before the dark diagonal patch.
Hind wings grayish-black. Fringe two-tone, base lighter.
Female can be same as male, or lighter brown to tan with dark dashes throughout, dark patch at wing end absent.
Legs: Male legs dark, female legs yellowish.
Abdomen: Dark gray.

Size: Small 9 to 12 mm long. Wingspan 18 to 24 mm.

Habitat: Unknown

Food: Unknown

Flight Time: June and July

Life Cycle: Unknown. Generally larvae created silk-lined tunnels below ground, feed on roots and plant leaves at night. Over-winters as a larvae, continues feeding in spring, and pupates in tunnel.

Comments: New Canadian record, known from two BOLD specimens from Pt. Pelee Jul 04-12 (ON), and from Norfolk Co. (ON) by KS, per Pohl (2018).

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