Acrolophus plumifrontella

Synonyms: Clemens 1859
Anaphora plumifrontella, Anaphora bombycine, Acrolophus plumifrontellus, Acrolophus plumifrontellus var. angustipennella, Acrolophus cervinus, Acrolophus bombycina, Acrolophus angustipennellus, Acrolophus angustipenellus (misspell), Acrolophus (Anaphora) plumifrontella, Acrolophus (Anaphora) bombycina

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Ohio State University Research Bulletin, 2001 #1192: Lepidoptera of Wayne County, Ohio by Rings and Downer, pg. 21. Fly dates and food. 

Holotype as Anaphora plumifrontella male by Clemens, 1859. Type Locality: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (assumed). In the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Darlington (in a letter, 1946) has reported that this type is still at Philadelphia: “plumifrontella Clem. Type, male, much rubbed and not distinguishable by maculation; right wings expanded, only. Abdomen gone.”
Holotype as Anaphora bombycine female by Zeller, 1873. Type Locality: Buenos Ayres. Museum unknown.
Syntype as Acrolophus plumifrontellus var. angustipennella male by Beutenmuller, 1887. Type Locality: Florida. In the United States National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C. Type #402 in Beutenmuller Collection. No Photos.