Acrolophus plumifrontella

Eastern Grass Tubeworm
Acrolophus plumifrontella

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POHL: 30-0058 Possible
MONA: 0372
GenBank: None

Head: Light brownish-red. Nose cone (palpi) long, hairy, reddish-brown to brown, reaching almost to end of thorax. Female nose cone very long, straight out, pointed, slightly hairy.
Antenna: Yellowish-brown, reaching almost to mid-wing. Female antenna thin, male thicker, serrated only near tips.
Thorax: Thick, mane-like, light brown with some reddish-brown mixed in.
Wings: Male: Very wide (6 to 7 mm), short with more squarish tip. Deep reddish-brown with dark brown dusting. Outer (costal) margin usually quite red, even when old. Inner margin has wide area of lighter reddish-brown with 2 dark spots. Another dark spot at 2/3 wing length (discal cell), sometimes absent. Fringe brown. Hindwing grayish-brown.
Female forewing lighter, mixed with grayish-brown. Net-like (reticulated) dark lines throughout, dark spots similar to male. Fringe concolorous or slightly checkered darker.
Legs: Light brown, dusted with white, except tufts on shins (tibiae) thick and dark reddish-brown to brown.
Abdomen: Dark, striped lighter.

Size: 12 to 16 mm long. Wingspan 25 to 34 mm.

Habitat: Meadows, forest edges.

Food: Clover roots.

Flight Time: Mid-June to July  

Life Cycle: Unknown. 

Comments: Not recorded in Ontario, but may expand range from Ohio. 

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